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DIC Graphics provides a wide range of screen printing inks & varnish for various applications packaging industrial.
Screen Ink – Solvent

Toucan 67 Series
The two pack epoxy resin system of Toucan inks has been specially formulated to give excellent adhesion, on a wide range substance – often when all else fails

Polyspeed 53 Series
Polyspeed 53-00 inks are specially formulated for screen printing onto treated polythene bottles, and polypropylene containers.

Vynagloss 41 Series
Vynagloss 41-00 inks embody high gloss with very fast drying, low odor properties for eye-catching, results and ease of use on PVC.

Polycat 56 Series
Polycat 56-00ink curing system for screen printing onto treated polyethylene, polypropylene containers, and is resistance to a wide variety of product.

Polystyrene 37 Series
Polystyrene Gloss inks have been specially formulated for screen printing polystyrene sheet and containers, and combine fine printing and fast drying with a touch, resilient and mar resistant print of high gloss.

Screen Inks – UV Curing

Mostcure & UVS Series (UV Screen Ink)
UV Screen Ink has Flexible, high visual impact glossy ink specifically formulated for screen printing onto PET, treated Polypropylene bottles and some substrates.

UV Varnish Screen Series (Spot UV & Special Effects)

UV Screen Varnish has special Gloss and viscosity from Standard till High and have special effect (drip off, Silver, Gold and other), application for commercial printing and packaging.

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