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Overprint varnishes (OPVs) are coatings applied to an already printed sheet or web. The primary reasons for applying an OPV are gloss enhancement, stain resistance, edge fusion resistance, burnish or scuff resistance, and resistance to discoloration from absorption of impurities in the environment. There are three basic types of OPVs: oil-based, waterbased and radiation curable.
OPV Oil Base

Oleoresins (oil-based resin) coatings are similar to lithographic paste inks without any pigmentation. The OPVs are applied through the ink train of an offset lithographic press.

General Application/Industries: OPV Oil base (In duct system)
Types/Product range: Gloss, Matt and High Rub

Waterbase Varnish

OPV Waterbase coating has been designed to enhance the value of gloss on the final print and as a protection from scratches on the surface, Water-based or aqueous coatings typically have styrenic or acrylic binding systems. Highly recommended applied to the printed with normal ink density values,and considering the thickness of the coating and drying system on the machine.

General Application/Industries: OPV Waterbase (Coater and Anilox System)
Types/Product range: Gloss, Matt and High Rub

Blister Pack Varnish

Blister coatings with excellent sealing properties are key to a perfectly working sealing process. The reason: Blister packaging consists of the printed and coated blister card and a hood, often made of plastics. A sealing process with pressure and heat connect these two elements. The coating film and the blistered hood soften, melt and form a bond.

BLISPACK Series formulated for use on approved blister board stock in sheetfed offset applications. This product can be applied with good heat sealing property for PET or PVC blisters and printing paper.

UV Roller Coater Varnish

UV Varnish OPV Roller Coater
Is a UV curable over printing varnish specially formulated for roller coating on papers in-line or off-line over dried conventional inks.

UV Varnish series
* Provides Gloss and Matt effect with smooth feeling and good scratch resistance
* Non yellowing results after cured and good adhesion
* Suitable for In line or Off line varnish application

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