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SunSys is a full range of coatings resistant to moisture, oil and grease, heat, friction and industrial chemicals. SUNSYS increase packing robustness against environmental factors or the product within the container to improve package integrity.

  • Prevents penetration of industrial grease and oils
  • Increases packaging durability
  • Protection from aggressive chemicals


SunStar™ Barrier Coating is an aqueous coating intended for application to paper, carton board and natural fibre packaging. The coating imparts improved moisture barrier and grease resistance properties. In addition the coating has some heat seal functionality. It can, in some applications, be considered as a more ecologically friendly alternative to polyethylene extruded boards. It is suitable for food packaging in both indirect and direct food contact applications (ambient temperature applications).


Full range of coatings to create O2 barriers against oxygen, CO2, UV Light, odour, and migration. Designed to increase impressions per roll while enhancing shelf life and product quality, SunBar (Aerobloc) improves recyclability and provides flexibility for packaging windows and other design elements.

For further information please click link below: https://www.sunchemical.com/product/sunbar/

DIC can also provide and develop special coating with functions such as heat sealant, overcoat varnish, and antibacterial.