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DIC Offset Sheet Fed ink has been created from selected pigment, is fast in color, and shows very low misting on modern high-speed press. On most substrates, fast setting and rapid drying work and turn on further processing of the print work (folding, cutting stitching, etc.).
SunLit® Diamond

SunLit Diamond is vegetable oil based an innovative sheetfed offset printing ink for paper and board. SunLit Diamond is applicable for publication, commercial and food packaging on straight and perfecting presses.

SunPak® LMQ

SunPak LMQ is a series of low migration* sheetfed offset process and base inks for sensitive (food and tobacco), food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical packaging.

DIC Offset Basic Color Series

DIC base colors are used in conjunction with the Pantone® Color Matching System to specify, match, and regulate. All ink colors are suitable for coated and uncoated paper. We have the expertise to provide the full spectrum of colors found in any Color Chart Guide. Additional alterations are needed based on customer-specific applications such as Non-Skin, Hard Dry, precise tack requirements, and custom color matches for specific substrates. Choose the color according to the needs and characteristics required such as Lightfastness.

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