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Organic Pigments (General Purpose Pigments)

With a top share of the global market, organic pigments are one of the products that can be called the core of DIC’s business. Our lineup features a broad configuration of pigment products that have come to respond to the varied applications and demands of our customers.

We are also actively involved in the development of pigments for digital/display application, and in particular, we continue to solidify our position as a leader in the market for green pigments for color filters in LCD panels.

Major Applications

Pigments for printing inks

A truly wide variety of printing ink forms and properties for lithography, relief printing, metals, gravure, and screen inks. DIC products carefully accommodate the various demands called for in organic pigments by each ink.

Pigments for coatings

Weather resistance, acid resistance, alkaline resistance, water resistance are all important in coatings, and pigments have a strong effect on these properties. DIC supplies organic pigments suitable to various coatings from within broad configurations.

Pigments for plastic

Heat resistance, light resistance, dispersibility, and bleed resistance are all demanded in pigments for plastics. DIC products take full advantage of surface processing and particle control techniques to answer these demands.

For details please visit our global website: https://www.dic-global.com/en/products/general_pigments/