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ESH & Quality


Management System
As a member of global chemical corporations, DIC signed a declaration to support the Responsible Care Global Charter and will improve the environment, safety and health more.

ESH Auditing
Responsible Care Department specialists collaborate with executive officers to audit Responsible Care initiatives at Group companies.

Occupational Safety and Health/Disaster Prevention>
We continue various activities to make the number of occupational Injury zero.

Preventing Global Warming
Recognizing climate change as a critical issue, the DIC Group is implementing a variety of measures aimed at reducing its impact on the environment and contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society.

Preventing Environmental Pollution
The DIC Group works to grasp the environmental impact of its operating activities and promotes systematic measures to reduce its environmental footprint. The Group also advances efforts aimed at preventing environmental pollution.

Reducing Industrial Waste
In addition to recycling and reuse of materials, the DIC Group works to minimize the impact of its industrial waste disposal practices.

Managing Water Resources
The DIC Group maintains a firm grasp of water risks relevant to the Group’s operations and promotes various initiatives designed to ensure the effective use of water resources.

The DIC Group works to grasp the impact of its operating activities on biodiversity and to use land and natural capital in a sustainable manner.

Safety in Logistics
The DIC Group works with logistics partners to minimize risks, including by supplying information needed for the shipping/transport of its products.

Ensuring the Safety of Chemical Substances
The DIC Group continues working to provide appropriate information to stakeholders to ensure the appropriate handling of its products over the entire life cycles.

Engaging with Society
DIC actively discloses information and publicizes its Responsible Care initiatives and endeavors to disseminate knowledge regarding ESH-related issues and to respond appropriately to public concerns.

Report on Other Initiatives
We report about the other ESH initiatives.

For details please visit our global website: https://www.dic-global.com/en/csr/environment/