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Tobacco Inks

Gravure tobacco ink is alcohol reducible cellulose based products designed for use on a wide range of substrates. They have low odor and may be tailored to give the resistance properties necessary for a variety of printed packaging.
Tobacco Inks

The inks have high color strength and, depending on the nature of the stock and the end use, can be formulated to have high gloss, transparency or opacity as required. They print cleanly over a wide range of press speeds and are designed to give good lay on most surfaces.

General Application/Industries: Tobacco Packaging
HELIOPAC, CELLACOAT  Global brands approved by global customers
IMPRESSA  to meet the local tobacco’s requirements.

Gravure tobacco inks may be used on the majority of papers and boards commonly used for packaging including glassine, vegetable parchment, kraft, GIP, sulphites, carton board and corrugated board, as well as on washed foil and foil laminates. With a suitable backing white, they may also be used on a wide range of films. These inks should not be used on the polyethylene surface of polyethylene coated boards.


  1. Excellent in printability
  2. Excellent gloss
  3. High color strength at low viscosity
  4. Good scuff and rub resistance
  5. High speed, multifunctional products on various substrates,
  6. low odor, low solvent retention, very good resistance properties,
  7. Good stability during the printing process,
  8. High compatibility with alcohols and esters
  9. Easy handling.

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