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Gravure Surface Inks

Gravure surface inks are solvent based inks designed for surface printing on a wide variety of films including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), Aluminum Foil (Alu) and paper for flexible packaging and pharmaceutical industry.

Gravure surface printing ink for many kinds of plastic film and mainly recommended for food packaging, textile packaging, ice candy packaging, sanitary napkin packaging, general merchandise, etc. It has good performance on deep freeze application.


Alcohol-reducible cellulose-based product designed for use on a wide range of substrates. It has high color strength and, depending on the nature of the stock and the end-use can be formulated to have high gloss, transparency, or opacity as required. They print cleanly over a wide range of press speeds and are designed to give good lay on most surfaces.


Non-Toluene gravure ink, usable for shrink or non-shrink of label packaging as end layer coating.


Gravure surface printing ink for Aluminium foil and paper. It has good heat resistance, and BRD OPV can be used as a varnish layer after digital ink application.

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