Fire Drill Training, the company requires all employees to understand the use of fire extinguishers to anticipate fire hazards.

Fire drills

Fire drills are intended to ensure, by means of training and rehearsal, that in the event of fire:
• People who may be in danger act in a calm and orderly manner
• People who may have designated responsibilities conduct their tasks to ensure the safety of all concerned
• Escape routes are used in accordance with a predetermined and practiced plan
• Evacuation of the building is achieved in a speedy and orderly manner
• An attitude is promoted whereby people react rationally when confronted with a fire
Consideration must be given to the age of the pupils attending the school and whether there are any children with special needs or who have disabilities.
Fire evacuation drills should be held at least six monthly, preferably at the commencement of each term.
Instruction, training, and recording
During the first week of term, or as soon as possible thereafter, all new entrants being pupils, staff, or support staff, should be inducted and shown around the building. The induction training should also include the location of fire escape routes and fire exits.
All members of staff, including kitchen, cleaning staff, and other part time workers shall receive a copy of the schools written fire evacuation procedure/fire emergency plan. Refresher training should be given on a regular basis.
In the case of newly appointed staff, instruction shall be given as soon as possible after appointment. A record of the training and instructions given, and fire drills held, shall be entered in the logbook, and will include the following:
• Date of the instruction or fire drill
• Duration
• Name of person giving the instruction
• Names of persons receiving instruction
• Nature of instruction or fire drill
Fire drills, which may be combined with the instruction given above, shall be conducted at least every 6 months. The fire drill should simulate that one fire escape route is not available for escape purposes. Each fire drill should be started by a pre-determined signal and the whole premises checked as if any evacuation was in progress.
In large premises a specific person shall be made responsible for organizing staff training and the name of one other nominated person to co-ordinate the actions of the staff in the event of fire. Effective arrangements shall be made for a deputy or deputies to perform the above duties in the absence of the nominated persons.