Flood Anticipation Training, the security team and employees practice together in flood anticipation exercises in the company area

Flood Anticipation Training

Proper flood training enables your employees to respond quickly in the event that your business is flooded. This helps them to protect themselves and anyone else on your premises, such as customers, contractors, or suppliers, by acting quickly to minimize the potential damage that flooding may cause to your business.

The security team and employees need to understand flood warnings and what to do when a flood warning is issued. This includes understanding the immediate and potential dangers of flooding and how to evacuate the building safely if there is a flood threat to your property. You might also want to train a few staff to act as flood wardens. Flood wardens will know how to shut down the business, coordinate the safe evacuation of the property and use any flood protection products in the event of flooding.

DIC Graphics usually conducts flood management training on a regular basis, and we have an emergency response team that has been well coordinated with related parties