Family Gathering, togetherness and getting to know each other is important so that family gathering events need to be held.

Family Gathering

Family businesses account for the majority of companies worldwide, from micro-operations to international players. Throughout their lifecycle, these companies evolve, along with their operational structures, goals and needs. One way to manage the expanding needs of the business while maintaining control in the family is with a family holding company.

Family holding companies come in handy in a range of scenarios, but they are most useful when there are valuable assets to be protected, managed or moved, including potentially the business itself. Common instances include:

  • When you want to retain control of businesses but want to get family involved in the day to day running.
  • Incentivizing family members by setting up appropriate reward structures, matched to individual effort.
  • Succession planning for the long-term survival of the business.
  • Protecting key assets within the family.